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Allegro In Venice

              hasn't changed much since JWM Turner painted it all those
              years ago.
Visit Venice in Spring or Autumn to see the city at its best.

 It gets cold in winter and a bit whiffy in summer, but the same can be said of Amsterdam, another city full of canals.

San Marco
              is at the centre of things in Venice
Be sure to visit the local glassworks in Murano as part of your tour.  If you can't find out where to catch the water bus, take a taxi!
this big
              gondola is what passes for a taxi in Venice.

Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Keeping your car in good shape can affect your auto insurance quotes, and one of the most important times your car needs special attention is when getting ready for winter. The time to start this project isn’t after winter has already hit, but well in advance, so you and your vehicle are both ready before that first big storm.

              your car, you need to be ready for winter

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